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Posted on December 28, 2018 at 6:20 AM

Everyone loves to touch, especially those who can. Gone are the days when you have to risk your life and limbs to concentrate at home with little-known solvents because now you have to collect a rosin press machine to get incredible concentrations. If you are considering buying a home-made rosin press or want to touch it with a touch of your harvest, read this handy guide to learn what you need to know when buying a rosin press.

Buy a rosin press made in the USA

You get what you pay for, and you want to buy a US made rosin press with high-quality components. It is an investment that should benefit in the long run. So do not be deceived by the pressure of recycled resin. When it comes to press rosin quality and performance are important. So do not think about a press that only gives you 10% when it reaches 20% or more. I have many extras!

Look for long, narrow thermal plates

Most rosin presses available on the market today offer only square backplates that guarantee lost power and burnt terpenes as the oil has to travel much longer and stay in the heat for a long time. Make sure your rosin press only has long, narrow thermal plates that are essential for maximum performance and terpene profile. This design allows rosin oil to escape from the hotplates quickly, maximize pressure, and leave the rich aroma of terpenes in the concentrates.

Avoid homemade press kits

Avoid buying kitchen utensils, a press in the port shop and the extra equipment you need: Avoid buying an all-in-one device. While it may seem appealing to make a rosin press, in the end, you end up spending much more than you think at the beginning, and you do not have to go anywhere if something goes wrong.

If you are in the market for the best resin press, it is worth the extra money to get high-quality equipment. The production of rosin is safe, economical and particularly easy compared to BHO.

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